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psychopomp and circumstance

it's not who you kill, it's the kind of cereal you eat out of their skull

Back at cube cafe. Is it a bad thing that the security guard at jellyfish recognised us?

Funny, the tree in the picture is red. On the actual napkin it’s grey

I… kinda inhaled it after taking this picture. Also tykes this really soft jazz cover of anarchy in the uk playing in here. Shazaam had no idea who it is though

Little mirrors in the tree. Raintree cafe is super pretty hippie haven

Raintree cafe. We wanted pancakes.

Bulgogi at the dmz. Probably still gonna buy some popeyes chicken downstairs

They’re surrounding her and ignoring me

Ellie is in love

I’m at a cat cafe. Look at iiiit

They gave us a chocolate croissant free and there’s nobody on tomato duty

It’s coming for us.
It’s following is around samchongdong

Kinda cute how dynamic duo is working with dunkin donuts

The stairwell at our hotel in Busan