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psychopomp and circumstance

it's not who you kill, it's the kind of cereal you eat out of their skull

I didn’t feel like sitting up. I’m laying on the chairs. Been here since like 2. Plane leaves at almost 7. Might close my eyes for a sec.

Oh hey, I found the instructions. .. entirely in engrish

i thought he needed a present too

so once a week while i was in korea, i’d show up to jellyfish records and ask the security guard where the subway was. we never let on that we were there to see the record company, or did we dress in anything that gave us away as vixx fans (there was the one time we couldn’t find it) the second time we went we didn’t see the security guard so we went somewhere else, the third time we went, he recognised us when we giggled after he said choook (which was a very exaggerated go strait down this road) the last time i went to jellyfish i walked by to make sure he was there. he looked at me (i was by myself for once) and he makes this noise and looks at me with a frown and probably says something along the lines of “oh god not you again”. this time i asked him where terracotta coffee was. he said he had never heard of it. i eventually found the place and came back. i gave him one of the macarons i got and (i hope) i said thanks for your help in korean before i waved bye bye and left.
he had a weird look on his face when he thanked me for it. i hope he likes chocolate.


This smells amayzaaaaahhhhh #triplechocolatewaffle

My hotel room comes with international plugs, a laptop, free minibar and what appears to be a door. .. leading outside but no balcony

My hotel room is swank on toast

Back at cube cafe. Is it a bad thing that the security guard at jellyfish recognised us?

Funny, the tree in the picture is red. On the actual napkin it’s grey

I… kinda inhaled it after taking this picture. Also tykes this really soft jazz cover of anarchy in the uk playing in here. Shazaam had no idea who it is though

Little mirrors in the tree. Raintree cafe is super pretty hippie haven

Raintree cafe. We wanted pancakes.

Bulgogi at the dmz. Probably still gonna buy some popeyes chicken downstairs