comic book on semi-hiatus until i find an artist and figure out what else to write
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be my friend

psychopomp and circumstance

it's not who you kill, it's the kind of cereal you eat out of their skull

Surprised he actually uses it

I made a kitty tunnel out of soda boxes for khoshekh

The elevator in the art building. .. had no idea the art building even had an elevator
#doctorwho #nerds

Cat loves donkey’s butt

Kitten had two modes:sleep and spaz

Khoshekh is sleepy. This means he’ll be up all night ruining around

There are so many colours in it right now but I’m thinking of making the tips purple. Yes? No? Maybe? Lobster?

The kitten found his way between the two windows. We have decided that he’s not a forward thinker. .. or a backwards walker

Unicorn crapping a rainbow cake
Where is everyone? (at Ala Moana Beach Park)

The look of utter contentment

Hey, if you wanna hang out between shower curtains and I’m not allowed to turn on the shower to deter you, them by all means, hang out between shower curtains #catiseatingtheshowercurtain

I think that probably most of these groups are just a handful of dipshits and some dude with a clipboard trying to wrangle them all.

He’s passed out on my desk