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psychopomp and circumstance

it's not who you kill, it's the kind of cereal you eat out of their skull

So I was writing a story, trying to focus out what Ravi sounded like when he came and this popped into my head… around the 1 minute mark








BOND is a tiny touch module. It can be a pendant or a bracelet but it comes in pairs. You keep one and you give one to a friend. When you touch it, your friend feels it. No matter where they are on the planet. We don’t do tweets, we do tickles.

we need this

gonna put it on my dick


This is actually so cool because some people wear bracelets and necklaces and things as comfort items. I used to wear a necklace from my grandma to remind me of her and I would touch the pendant on it when I was feeling down or stressed. So imagine (if she were still alive), every time I did that she would know I was thinking of her, drawing strength from her.

And then imagine poking it and the other person feels it and pokes back and you end up in a real life facebook poke war.

I would send messages in morse code

magine you and your best friend have one. When the friend dies, he/she is buried with the bracelet. A couple weeks later, you feel someone touch your wrist.

Well this escalated from cool tech to perverted hilarity to something heartfelt then finally something out a creepypasta

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Adventures with VIXX on Facebook.

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We won the costume contest at the sandman ball #sandman #despair #desire

This is going to my cok page

There’s kaiten sushi at Stoneridge!!!!
They have ramune

Me and Tanya at the vixx concert

Tanya is a techie and does the whole lighting and whatever thing so I took her to kcon so she could drool over the tech and we had this conversation

Tanya: when do I get to work a show like this?
Me: about the time I get to suck Hongbin’s dick
She looks at me incredulously
Tanya: I was going to say I’ve been training my whole life for this kinda stuff, but then again so have you

Foghorn leghorn (at Hollywood Forever)

I… Oh jeez (at Hollywood Forever)

If you know what they’re implying (at Hollywood Forever)

You have got to be shitting me… (at Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery)

Duh? (at Angelus-Rosedale Cemetery)

I kinda look like a drawing